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20 Barber Haircuts That Won’t Go Out of Style-trendfrisurende.com

Nowadays being faced with lots of varieties and trends, it can be hard for men to decide what barber haircut to go for and what will suit individual personality and taste. Long gone are the days when men had limited options for their hairstyles.

Aside from personal likes and dislikes, there are two vital things to consider when choosing a new cut:

  • Your face shape
  • Your hair texture

So, while it is good to be trendy and fashionable, it is even more important to go for a look and style that suits you. So, let’s break it down!


How to Pick A Barber Haircut That’ll Suit You

barber haircuts for different face shape

There are a variety of different face shapes and every cut can either highlight great features or exaggerate aspects you may not like. So, it is worth deciding what category your face falls under to choose a suitable barber haircut.


Face Shapes

First thing first, you need to consider your face shape and structure to decide on your haircuts and styles.

The Oval Face

oval face barber haircuts

Features: Lack of definition along the cheeks, chin, and forehead. The forehead tends to be wider than the jawline.

Go For: Oval faces look better with classic and shortcuts. Aim to have the hair shorter at the sides and slightly longer at the top. By creating angles and volume it sharpens the face to stop it looking so oval.

Avoid: Flat fringes or flat hair across the forehead as this will accentuate the face shape. Buzz cuts are not ideal as they do not provide the much-needed volume on top.


The Round Face

barber hairstyles for round face

Features: The face tends to have an equal width and length without any defining features such as sharp cheekbones or a defined jawline.

Go For: Round faces crave height and angle so aim for length and volume at the top of the head. By tapering the sides of the hair and adding interest around the crown it can elongate the rounded face. Messy styles, side parting, and layers are great for drawing attention away from the rounded features.

Avoid: Buzzcuts and flat bangs.


The Square Face

barbershop haircuts square faced men

Features: A very sharp and masculine face, with a wide and defined jawline and cheekbones. Generally, the widest part of the jawline and cheeks will be equal in width.

Go For: Square faces can suit almost any style. The cuts that really set off the features of a square face are an undercut, slicked back or messy and curly. Side parts and bangs can also look great.

Avoid: Barber haircuts that add too much width to the head as this will not help balance out the shape of your face. Aim for short sideburns or add high fades to your style.


The Long Face

barber haircuts for long faced men

Features: A very proportionate shaped face with the cheekbones, jawline, and forehead all being equal in width. Generally, a long and narrow shaped head.

Go For: A buzz or crew cut. Comb overs, slicked back or side parts also work very well. If you want to shorten the length of your face, then bangs are a great option too.

Avoid: Styles that add length to your head, this includes anything with an excessive volume on top or a long beard.


The Diamond Face

diamond face shape hairstyles

Features: Long and angular with high defined cheekbones and a pointy chin.

Go For: Full volume hair with layering. Messy bangs can highlight the cheekbones and soften the jaw. Consider a fauxhawk, comb over or slicked back.

Avoid: Cuts that are super short or highly shaved at the sides as they can narrow the top of the head which makes the jawline look more pronounced.


Hair Texture

Aside from your face shape, hair texture should also not be overlooked when considering a new barbershop hairstyle. There are a variety of hair types that need consideration before a chop.

Wavy Hair: Can look good with most styles and cuts as the hair type provides volume and movement.

Thick Straight Hair: Can look bulky when slicked back and therefore difficult to tame and keep sleek. Aim for simple and shorter cuts and condition well to make the hair easier to style.

Thin Straight Hair: Fine hair needs much-needed volume and movement. Consider a slicked back pompadour, short choppy and textured or a side part. Avoid growing the hair long as this can often just look lank.

Curly Hair: Can be a little unruly but looks great with an undercut or simply left a little messy.

Receding Hair: All is not lost if you find yourself losing your locks! Grow the hair longer on top and wear it messy to give the impression of thicker hair. Or embrace your changing looks and wear the hair slicked back or go for a bold buzz cut!


Most Popular Barber Haircuts for Men

A good barber haircut can not only look great, but it is also the key to confidence and should be an expression of individual personality and style.

If you are considering a new look, then decide on your face shape and have a browse at our list of the top 20 most popular barber haircuts in 2019 to see what style will suit you!

1. Crew Cut

crew cut for men

A crew cut is a classic barber hairstyle that is timeless as well as low maintenance.

Ideal for: Square faces as it does not add unnecessary volume to the sides of the head which can make the face look boxy.

How to Style: Very little styling needed due to the short crop.

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