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23 Classy 1950s Hairstyles for Men To Consider in 2019-trendfrisurende.com

In the 1950s hairstyles for men were mainly influenced by music and movie stars. Elvis Presley and James Dean produced a great number of greaser hairstyle fans. Such styles used a lot of hair cosmetics to create a slick wet look.

The DA (also now as Duck’s Arse haircut) was made popular by a stylist Joe Carello, whose clients were mostly celebrities such as Elvis. This style was a variation of a greaser with an addition of a middle part in the back. The sides were styled to resemble the duck’s wings.

While youngsters opted for popular DAs and greasers, older and more serious generation went for regular haircuts, such as side-parted and tapered sides and back. Crew cuts and Ivy leagues were also widely used hairstyles for men from 1950s. Long hair was not considered neat.


Classic Hairstyles for Men from 1950s

1950s men’s hairstyles are quite popular nowadays. There are different names for them, but the basics and the classics are just the same. You can easily meet a greaser or a DA on your way to school or office. These haircuts still look fabulous and make the men, who wear them very stylish.

Take a look at some of the most popular hairstyles from the 1950s we have chosen for you. Perhaps you will find the one that touches your heart.


1. Clean cut

men with long hair in 1950s

This is what a 1950’s man would call a clean cut hairstyle. This neat haircut is perfect for the office worker or a businessman. Some gel will make sure that there is no stray hair. This vintage hairstyle will make you look serious and focused.


2. Ivy league

hairstyle club for men

Ivy league cuts never go out of style. So, if you want to choose a sleek 50s hairstyle but don’t want to stand out of the crowd too much, go for Ivy league. Make sure your hair is neat and the bangs are carefully styled.

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