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25 Decent & Wonderful Hairstyles for Women Over 70-trendfrisurende.com

Are you a woman over 70 standing at the dawn of your life but still want to look fresh with a suitable hairstyle? If yes, we respect your fashion sense!

No matter how old a woman is, she always wants to look fabulous. With age hair usually loses its thickness and the volume often goes with it. That’s why most of the hairstyles women wore when they were young, might not fit them when they get older. Hair loses its color and integrity and becomes harder to style. All that is no reason to give up on your look.

There are fantastic hairstyles for women over 70, which will make them look younger and brighter. The search for the right hairstyle should start with the consideration of the hair type and face shape. Once the parameters are set, the choice becomes much easier.


Wonderful Hairstyles for Women Over 70

There are just as many hairstyles for women over 70 as there are for younger ladies. However, these hairstyles are different and might require more time to manage. The older women get, the more care their hair requires. If the hair is properly cared for, then more and more hairstyle options become available. Usually, women over 70 go for shorter haircuts, such as pixies and bobs.

These styles are great since they usually make women look younger. However, there are some longer options to consider as well. Here are some different hairstyles we are offering here for women over 70 to help you make your choice.

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1. Pixie with long bangs

hairstyles for women over 70 1-min

If you don’t know which style to choose, go for a pixie. A pixie is a no-fail option, which will not only make you look younger but is easy to maintain and also looks great on any hair type. Experiment with bangs length.


2. Pixie with side swept bangs

short hairstyles for women over 70

If your hair is thick and you are going for a pixie, consider making asymmetrical side swept bangs. Asymmetry is very stylish nowadays, but it doesn’t usually look too good on fine hair. So, if thick locks allow, go for it!


3. Highlighted bob

haircuts & hairstyles for women over 70

Gray hair gets harder and harder to highlight with age. However, there are natural hair dyes, which can look great on silver hair. Try several of them to get a better idea which one fits you best and go for it. A stylish highlighted bob will make you look fantastic.


4. Short textured pixie

latest hairstyles for women over 70

Textured pixie is one of the most popular short hairstyles for women over 70. It is a choice of many older movie stars. The advantage of such pixie is that the textured style hides fine and sparse hair. Try a little highlighting to conceal the gray.


5. Voluminous bob

hairstyles for women over 70

If your hair is thick enough, you can go for long voluminous bobs. They are styled with a hair drier to add some volume on top. Curl the ends with a flat iron to shape the sides. This hairstyle is a little hard to manage, but the result is amazing.

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