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35 Modern Fohawk Styles That Will Be Popular in 2019-trendfrisurende.com

Fohawks have been popular for decades. There are so many different fohawk styles out there that it’s easy to get lost. Every year brings us new variations of the simple old fohawks and Mohawks. Each year guys and even girls are going out of their way to create unique fohawk hairstyles.

If you are ready for a new dose of stunning hairstyles in 2019, take a look at these 35 fohawk styles and make an appointment at your favorite salon. Show your hairstylist one of these pictures to get the perfect fohawk hairstyle you have always dreamed about.


The Fohawk Styles for 2019

Take a look at the fohawk haircuts that are popular in 2019. You can start preparing yourself for the new haircut today. Take some time to think about how much maintenance you are ready to give your new cut and choose the best one based on your face shape and personal choice.


1. The red high fade


High fade fohawk hasn’t gone out of style for ages and this year won’t be an exception. This is a good option for guys with straight hair that would like to give their locks some volume.


2. Comb over fohawk

Comb over fohawk hairstyle

This fohawk style looks truly impressive but will require serious maintenance. If you are ready to give your hairstyle at least 10 minutes of care each day, then this amazing choice is for you.

Difference Between Fohawk & Mohawk


3. Highlighted peak


Highlights are not a new trend but a subtly highlighted top part of a fohawk is. Make it look larger and more voluminous with the help of the right dye. Ask your stylist for further advice.


4. Messy tresses

Messy tresses hairstyle

The longer you like your hair, the better mess you can make with it. Fohawks look great with messy locks but make sure to keep it from being too outrageous by using a few drops of hair gel.

Classy Mohawk & Fohawk Fades You Can Try


5. Subtle yet trendy


Guys with short hair will really appreciate this new and subtle fohawk hairstyle. It will be a real art making such a fohawk on short and curly locks, so make sure that your stylist is up to it.


6. Add the beard


Outline your new fohawk with a well-suited beard. Consider making the same lines on your beard as you do on the sides of your head. This combination will look flawless.


7. Utter simplicity


Simple spiky fohawks will never go out of style. So if you don’t feel up to an image change, you can easily stick with the classics and no one will blame you for it.


8. The ponytail

The ponytail haircut for men

Leaving enough hair in the back to make a ponytail is a good way to get the best 2019-2020 fohawk style. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with other elements of this trendy fohawk.


9. High and mighty


This fohawk style borders with a Mohawk. However, an inch of hair on the sides allows it to stay in the fohawk group. This is a great choice for men with round faces since it visually elongates the shape.


10. Ocean waves


Looking for a new and improved way to style your old fohawk? Consider going with the ocean waves.  This can be arranged with the help of a special brush or an appointment at a hair salon.


11. Long tresses

best Long tresses hairstyle for men

Long hair fans will love this new and windblown fohawk style. All you will need to do is spike up the top part of your hair and your fohawk is ready. A great choice for young men!

Cool & Trendy Faux Hawk Hairstyles


12. Get geometrical


Corners and lines are becoming more and more popular. Make your fohawk unique by using these geometrical tricks in all the different places of your hairstyles. You will love the result!


fohawk hairstyles for men






faux hawk hair





colored fohawk hair






faux hawk hair





fohawk hairstyles





fohawk haircut


These modern fohawk styles can help you make a decision about the next image change. You can start with simple fohawks and go on to more complicated ones if you feel you’ll feel comfortable with this hairstyle.

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