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40 Dreadlock Hairstyles for Men to Have A Nomad Look-trendfrisurende.com

Dreadlock hairstyles for men have been a thing for a very long time. Inspired by bohemian lifestyle, it’s mostly worn by men belonging to the African race but is now being worn by men from all the races around the world.

There are various ways to wear this look regardless of hair length and hair type, one can achieve multiple looks at once and go from looking like an ordinary guy to an A-list model in town.  To have a better idea of how one can style their dreadlocks, here are 40 dreadlock hairstyles for men.


Manly Dreadlock Hairstyles

We have handpicked 40 best dreadlock men styles so you can choose the perfect hairstyle for you.

1. Dyed Dreads

dyed dreadlocks for men

Having a hair dye along with dreadlocks in hair for men is two different things, but when combined, it gives an overall super stylish look. All it takes is to get your hair bleached to open up the hair cuticles before locking your dreads. If, however, the hair is already dreadlocked, then go for oil treatments to prevent hair from drying out to strengthen them.

Backcombing Method to Dreadlock Any Hair


2. Twisted Dreadlocks

Twisted dreadlocks hairstyle

If you want to add more style to your men dreadlocks, then try adding in some criss-cross twists to the hair. This would look much better with having a few dyed strands to bring more color and creativity to the style.


3. Mohawk Dreadlocks

Mohawk Dreadlocks for Men

Now, this is a very popular dreadlocks hairstyle that goes with any hair type. Quite trending these days, this hairstyle adds up more definition to the hair. To go even bolder with this look, twists can also be added to take this look to a whole new level.


4. Side Part Dreads

dreadlcocks with side part

Going for side parted dread styles for men will not only help the hair grow in a healthy shape, but it will also boost up the volume in the hair as its one of the most sophisticated looks. The longer the dreads, the better the hairstyle would be. However, if the side part only sounds dull, then one can get an undercut to add more edge to this look.


5. Edgy Dread Hairstyle

Edgy dreadlock hairstyle for men

This look can be perfect for special occasions like weddings, fashion shows or even themed photo-shoots. It adds more class to the person and gives a boost to the person’s personality as the hairstyle speaks louder than the attire.


6. Long Jumbo Dreadlocks

Men too love having long hair and those who have dreadlocks, this look can do wonders for the person’s overall style.  As beautiful as they look, they require high maintenance and care to keep the hair healthy and styled.


7. High Top Undercut Dreads

dreadlock with undercut for men

If there is no extra time to spend on hair care and maintenance, then this look would just be the right one to have. The hair is short and easier to manage keeping the sides undercut and the top hair long. This gives more options to either let the hair stay just the way it is, tie them up or pull them back.


8. Braided Dreads

To have a neater look with the dreads, braiding them tightly would do the job right as it’s also quite popular in dreadlocks hairstyles these days. It’s low maintenance and gives the hair a very intricate, yet a graceful look.


9. High Top Shaped up Dreadlocks

High Top Shaped up men Dreadlocks

To look like you’ve stepped out fresh from a barbershop who absolutely loves looking on fleek every day can go for this look. It remains a bohemian men dreadlock style but with a modern twist. It has an undercut with asymmetrical lines with the hair remaining messy on top. So much to have in just one look!


10. Lined-up Man Bun Braided Dreads

braided dreadlocks with bun

Nobody does a bun like men do, especially if the hair is in dreadlocks. This is one of the most extraordinary looks, in which the hair is wrapped neatly in a bun aligned with the beard which may turn so many heads. One can just stop right there and admire the perfection happening over the face and head.


dreadlock styles for men





blue dreadlock styles for men





short dreadlock styles for men





dreadlock hairstyles for men





dreadlocks men





dreadlock styles for men





men's dreadlock hairstyles




blonde dreadlock hairstyles for men



dreadlock hairstyles for men


With all these amazing men dreadlocks hairstyles, one now has a whole lot of variety to play with if they’re willing to go for dreadlocks with a bit more spice in them despite the length, texture or the color of the hair, any style would perfectly do with these modern-day bohemian styled dreadlocks.

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