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81 Easy Vintage Hairstyles for Glamourous Women-trendfrisurende.com

Vintage hairstyles are often known for their glamour and their hyper-femininity. These “pin-up” hairstyles ooze sexuality without being sleazy. They have remained popular because they allow women to feel beautiful without conforming to the present day norm. If you are interested in vintage haircuts and hairstyles, you may want to team them up with vintage fashion.


Elegant Vintage Hairstyles to Get Unique Look

On the other hand, “Rosie the Riveter” became an iconic of the era and many vintage-inspired hairstyles pay homage to her unique look. “Rosie” showed women that they could be strong and independent without losing their identity. Rosie represented all women who worked in manual labor and heavy industry. Many women today see “Rosie” as a symbol of feminism, and therefore these vintage hairstyles are very popular.

#1: Rosie the Riveter Bandana

Easy Vintage Pin Up Hairstyles for Women 1-min

This simple, classic style was made famous by the Rosie the Riveter ad campaign. A simply knotted bandana can help to transform any hairstyle into a style with a vintage edge.


#2: Big Curls and a Bandana

Big Curls Vintage Pin Up Hairstyles

Take a few sections of hair down at the front whilst pulling the back up into a high bun. Use small hairpins to hold your front sections in big loops. Top off your style with a classic “riveter” bandana.

Have thin hair? Try these styles


#3: Rolled Fringe

Easy Vintage Pin Up Hairstyles for Women 3-min

Another popular vintage style. Comb your hair back over a big barrel brush to create a rolled fringe. Pin it close to the roots so that it keeps its volume and then wrap around with a bandana for added emphasis.


#4: Side Reverse Rolls

nice Vintage Pin Up Hairstyles for Women

“Create two loose chignons at the back of your hair whilst leaving two sections down at the front of your head. Tease these two sections up into voluminous rolls at the front of your head to create one of the most popular looks of the ’40s.


#5: Rolled Fringe with Big Bouncy Curls

Easy Vintage Pin Up Hairstyles for Women 5-min

Put your hair into heated curlers to achieve big, bouncy vintage curls. Pin your fringe back in a voluminous curl to create that vintage look. Let the rest of your curls bouncy freely.

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