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French Beard: How to Grow & 15 Trendy Styles-trendfrisurende.com

A French Beard, (also known as a French cut beard or a goatee) is a beard which just surrounds the mouth. It normally extends to the apex of the chin. Although there can be a little bit of facial hair in the other areas of the face, the French cut area should be the most prominent zone. Guys look really cool with this style of beard.

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35 Captivating Curly Mohawk Styles for Women-trendfrisurende.com

Mohawk with curls gives a more feminine or girlish look. You don’t need to be black, a bloke or butch to rock the mohawk. You don’t have to have naturally curly hair for most of these styles – but an inherent kink can help. The best thing that you can do to help any curl stay styled is to look after your hair because of good quality, healthy locks behave better!

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15 Trendiest Undercut Hairstyles for Asian Men-trendfrisurende.com

Asian undercuts for men are trending within your world because it will take you from 0 to 100 quickly. Not only is a sleek hairstyle for any event, but it can also be styled in various ways. It is great if your hair is short, long or even medium length. You are able to get various styles from it to suit your taste, event coming up. style and your hair length.

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12 Red Dreadlock Hairstyles to Get A Retro Look-trendfrisurende.com

Dreads are a style that many women are afraid of and want to stay away. However, there is some special beauty in the red dreads particularly. As they are a specific hairstyle and look like a crown on your head, the red gives them special vibrancy and hotness. The red hair is always considered as ultimately sexy and seductive, and the red dreadlocks are nothing less.

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10 Funkiest Reverse Mohawk Hairstyles Over The Internet-trendfrisurende.com

Reverse Mohawk has been around for quite a long time and its popularity keeps on increasing. The fashion models and top hairstylists all try to come up with newer and cooler versions of this funky hairstyle which has been a good thing, hasn’t it? There are not many hairstyles which complement African American hair as much as the reverse Mohawk hairstyle, because it is made particularly for this type of hair.

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