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Braided Mohawk Updo: 8 Looks to Get A Wow Effect-trendfrisurende.com

One particular style, that is considered as a cool, trendy and fresh is the braided Mohawk updo. What was once considered as edgy and bold, now comes in many various forms and is feminine.

The braided Mohawk is a hairstyle that gives the face lengths, freshness and is perfectly suitable for women and girls with long hair. It is suitable for those with shorter hair, but women with longer hair have more options to experiment. The Mohawk braids is a romantic, feminine and sensual hairstyle, that suits every face shape.


Latest Braided Mohawk Updo Styles

If you have not tried this stylish braided Mohawk updo hairstyle yet, here are the top 8 that will inspire you to do something different and will definitely look good on you

1. Brazilian Long Braided Mohawk

Brazilian Long Braided Mohawk Updo

This hairstyle is for women with long hair. The look presents an updo in the center of the hair, with 2 options for the side parts: fine combed hair or a messy one. The braid is finely knitted, from top to bottom, and then loosened up so that it looks a bit messy and relaxed. The front part of the braid is done with an updo so that the whole look gets voluminous.

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