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Natural DIY Bridal Makeup To Try-trendfrisurende.com

Natural DIY Bridal Makeup To Try

If you don’t like to wear too much makeup, than natural look with dewy skin, peachy cheeks, natural bushy brows and lashes is one of the best options for you on a wedding day. What is more, natural makeup is a major beauty trend right now that all of the fashionistas are rocking. Today’s tutorial will help you to achieve this amazing glowing look by yourself. First you need to prep your skin: apply your face primer to soften and smoothen the skin. Then you need the foundation that is right for you, which isn’t too thick yet is able to cover all of the imperfections. Head over to polkadotbride.com for the next steps of the tutorial and the list of supplies.

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Natural DIY Bridal Makeup To Try

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Natural DIY Bridal Makeup To Try

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