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24 Terrific Makeup Ideas For Almond Eyes-trendfrisurende.com

Smokey Cat Eyes Makeup For Almond Eyes #smokeymakeup #cateyes

It is true that there is no such a thing as universal makeup since there are certain types of makeup that suit specific face shapes, skin tones, and eye shapes. Today we are going to talk about best eye makeup suitable for almond eyes and in case that is your eye shape then you should better dive in and discover new makeup horizons!

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How To Use Foot Peel To Make Your Feet Baby-Soft Plus Homemade Peel Recipes-trendfrisurende.com

How To Prepare Your Feet For Feet Peel

Foot peel is something that we all will get through sooner or later. Every woman knows that no matter where she goes, it is always a challenge to her feet. Whether you are a small town girl or a girl living in a big city, your feet can experience all the side effects of walking. Distance is not the only reason why our feet reach critical points, your shoes also take part. We know how you like wearing heels, and the thing you should know is: your feet don’t like it. Even if you don’t wear them on a daily basis, your comfortable keds or sandals sometimes just give up. So, there is no need to explain why you should take care of your feet, as you see that it’s as important as tooth brushing.

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45 Glam Ideas For Ombre Nails Plus Tutorial-trendfrisurende.com

Try ombre nails – one of the most recent hot trends. And very fun, too! Achieve the desired effect by using several nail polish colors. Our fashionistas have collected 36 photos of beautiful nails to help you look glamorous. Don’t miss those pics! Read on to get inspo and explore how to do ombre mani with our simple tutorial.

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24 Chic Hairstyles for Prom to Let You Be Amazing-trendfrisurende.com

Prom time is getting closer with every day and those of you who haven’t picked their look yet are close to panicking. Is that correct? I tis true that when you are thinking on your perfect look there is need to pay attention to every single detail, no matter smaller or bigger. When it comes to hairstyles for prom you should definitely consider the ones that can take your beauty to the next level. As you deserve nothing less on this special night that you will never forget. No matter which image, a more romantic or more daring you pick, you can find an ideally fitting hairstyle in our photo gallery. Check it out!

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Rose Gold Jewelry, Nail Polish, Shoes And More Ideas How To Wear This Color-trendfrisurende.com

A rose gold color is what we all start seeing everywhere we go. Its popularity started growing in past few years and it doesn`t seem to stop. However, it was not always like this as, first, a rose-gold color was introduced only to jewelry by mixing solid gold with other metals. As soon as this combination appeared on the market it started spreading to other items. Clothes, shoes, makeup palettes, nail polishes, even phones can now be found in such a color after it has become so trendy. And as for us, there`s nothing strange about it getting so popular as it suits everyone and looks great with nearly everything. Want to look stylish without putting much effort? Then make rose-gold present in your life.

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80s Makeup Trends That Will Blow You Away-trendfrisurende.com

80s makeup history has always been remembered as creative, loud and bright. After the nude makeup trends, some colors are needed to pop. This is the reason why it appears everywhere you go again. Beauty gurus start experimenting with colors more and fashion bloggers add gorgeous accents to their looks with the help of this era`s makeup tricks. Would you like to try out new things and keep your beauty skills strong? Then we have some suggestions for you.

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How To Treat, Repair And Prevent Damaged Hair-trendfrisurende.com

Do you have damaged hair? As women, we put our hair through so much from excessive washing to blow drying, curling and straightening to the use and abuse of hair products. All of this can leave our hair frizzed, dry and severely damaged. However, there are plenty of ways how we can fix our damaged tresses, from managing our diet to caring for our hair with natural products that do not contain harsh ingredients.

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